God is good ALL THE TIME!

It has been a few days since my last post and a lot has happened and God has been so very present each and every day! He continues to amaze me with his perfect timing in every detail.

On Friday, we went in to have my port placed. The port is an IV catheter that they placed under my skin below my collarbone which allows my meds to be given there and blood draws to be taken from there without having to stick my veins over and over. We arrived early but were told that they had an emergency case from the ICU that they were taking and I would be next but it would probably be at least 3 hours. Mind you, I had not had anything to eat or drink since midnight and it was now 845. We decided to wait it out rather than reschedule and go down to the chemo corner (where I receive my chemo) so I could get IV fluids. We had planed to do this AFTER my port placement but I’m glad we did it before. I was dehydrated (I need to drink 3 liters of water a day) and sucked down 3 bags of fluids in the 3 hours we were there!

We went up, checked in at 1230, and they took me back and began prepping me soon after. The nurses, drs, and everyone were wonderful. My Dr explained what he was doing the entire time (which I prefer) and I didn’t have any nausea or complications. I was monitored for about an hour before they sent us home. I was quite uncomfortable the following day but the discomfort is waning each day. Praise the Lord there has been no infection or complications and I pray that continues!

Sunday morning, as I was getting ready for church, I was trying to do something with my hair. Unfortunately I didn’t have mobility in my arm to wash it in the shower and it wasn’t cooperating. I looked in the mirror, wishing it would just start to fall out already. I was told it should’ve started falling out days prior so I felt ready. Wouldn’t you know, as I tried to style it, multiple pieces started pulling out! I was actually relieved and excited to know it was starting to fall out. I texted my amazing friend and photographer, Chelsea to see if she could come by to take pics of us shaving my head and she did. I’ll post later when I have all the pics but suffice it to say the few I’ve seen are wonderful 🙂

I am actually enjoying my shaved head. It’s nice not to have to style my hair and instead just throw on a chemo beanie or scarf (I leave it bare in the house but don’t want a sunburn outside). Soon I won’t have to shave my legs or armpits either…..woohoo!!!! Seriously though, there ARE perks to hair loss!!!

It was a little weird going out in public on Monday with my chemo beanie on. It doesn’t make it OBVIOUS that I don’t have hair but I got some stares. Oh well, I held my head up high and rocked it!!!

Last but certainly not least, I have some praises to repot. I’ve been hesitant to post this in fear that I’m being premature but God deserves all the glory. When I started treatment 2 weeks ago, my largest tumor (the one I initially found) had grown from the size of a pea when I found it to a little larger than a marble after my biopsy. It has steadily shrunk and this morning, it took me a good while to even FIND it!!! Y’all……it’s smaller than the size of a LENTIL after just 2 weeks!!! I don’t know if that kind of shrinkage is normal or not (I’ll ask my oncologist tomorrow) but God has continually reassured me that He’s got this. I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago so I prayed for others and just praised God and His peace and the word “healing” washed over me. I can’t explain it but it was the most amazing feeling.

As soon as I received my diagnosis, I drastically changed my diet. I cut out ALL sugars, flour, processed food, and most meat proteins, only organic. I ate nothing but massive salads and smoothies for a month before I started treatment. I also started taking some supplements that have been shown to help the body fight off cancer and have continued taking most of them. I’ve added cooked foods back into my diet along with small amounts of organic/wild meats/eggs/fish. God directed my every step regarding what supplements to take and even to start the chemotherapy first. He’s been holding me above the deep, dark waters of a cancer diagnosis. He has given me peace regarding every decision and I am just in awe of his goodness.

I also started gaining weight again…which is HUGE for a cancer patient. I was eating super healthy and detoxed my body before chemo started and I feel that may be why my chemo side effects have been so mild. However, I wasn’t eating ENOUGH so I did loose a significant amount of weight. This morning I stepped on the scale and saw I’d gained 3lbs….I never thought I’d be excited about GAINING weight!!! I did a happy dance! So much thanks to my mama who prepared a BUNCH of high protein food for me to eat and to everyone who prepared meals for us the past 2 weeks!!!

Speaking of food, I’ve been asked a few times if dates have been added to our meal train for my next treatment and we did add some. Here is the link for anyone who would like to help in that way. It’s still weird for me to ask for help but I’m learning it’s ok 🙂


Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts! So much love back to you all!!!!!




One thought on “God is good ALL THE TIME!

  1. Reading over your journey in your words has put a smile on my face for this morning. I feel that I should continue to embrace each day and know that god is here watching over all of us. More then you know you have been the 2nd person to help open me up to him, for that I thank you. The first person was my eldest son Johnny, he has been a believer long before his words were able to be spoken. You are amazing! I will continue to pray for you, Josiah and the little munchkins, as well as your family and mother and law. May God continue to watch over you all and lift you up in this time of need. Have a wonderful day my friend!


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