Peace, Joy, and a PRAISE!

I just have to say again that I am amazed at God’s goodness! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be facing stage 4 breast cancer at the tender young age of 30. Never did I think that if I was faced with something the world would see as so negative and daunting, would I have perfect peace and joy. Honestly, this diagnosis has been a blessing in disguise and I am grateful for it. I live each day with purpose and conviction, filled with God’s joy and peace. Oh I’ve had my moments, especially when the staging went from a hopeful I, to a II or III, then to stage IV. I understand how people can loose hope in beating this because traditional medicine has very little hope and horrible “statistics” to offer.

I am so grateful that God has guided my steps and given me the wisdom and discernment to look beyond traditional medicine, do my own research, and seek out integrative oncology, nutritional therapy, and natural supplements on my own. I am so grateful that he guided us to do chemo first as I have felt my largest tumor shrink daily. It has been SO good for my mind and soul to KNOW that what we are doing is so effective! In fact, remember how I said it went from larger than the size of a marble to the size of a lentil almost 2 weeks ago? Well…….

….as of the day before my 2nd treatment, I COULND’T FIND THE TUMOR AT ALL. Seriously, I’ve felt around numerous times and I CAN’T FIND IT! I am blown away at how quickly just one round of chemo and everything else I’m doing has targeted the cancer and has, for the most part, left my healthy body alone. I’ve not had the horrible side effects I was warned about either….everything has been very mild or non-existant.

I went in for my second round of chemo with peace and assurance, once again. My amazing husband was at my side and my wonderful friend and photographer came to document the treatment too. I was covered in a quilt that was lovingly made by a dear friend, a shawl that was lovingly  made by a friend of a friend and was prayed over by everyone at her church’s retreat, I wore fuzzy purple socks from some of our wonderful navy friends, I wore a great shirt picked out by my sweet sister-in-love, I rocked the pink ribbon leggings, and I was covered in prayer by more people than I will ever know!

I can face this daunting diagnosis with a smile on my face and joy in my heart because I know who holds my future. I am a child of The One True King!

Special thanks to Chelsea Little Photography for documenting our journey!!!


4 thoughts on “Peace, Joy, and a PRAISE!

  1. You are such an amazing testimony of a spirit-filled life leaning on His everlasting arms. God bless and keep you as you continue this journey.


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