Since I last updated, much has changed but much has stayed the same. We are still in a “hurry up and wait” holding pattern with the navy and the unknowns regarding the suspected metastasis in my femur. The biggest change is that last week, I had my reconstruction surgery and now am the proud new owner of a matching pair of silicone implants! The tissue expanders that had been placed at the same time as the mastectomy were so uncomfortable; they felt like B-52 bombers and were stiff and felt so foreign. These implants will never feel exactly like breast tissue but they’re so much better than the expanders!

Thankfully, my surgery was successful and there were no complications. I was concerned about lymphedema in my arms  after the surgery but that wasn’t an issue. I have had 2 post-op appointments and will have another in 2 weeks. I cannot lift over 8lbs. for 8 weeks again (so no lifting our 18mo). We’ve been blessed to have my mother-in-love here to help with the kiddos and the day after she flies home, Josiah goes on leave for a few weeks. He goes back to work for a few days and then starts terminal leave in November. Both his leaves have been approved but his official separation orders were still not submitted as of Monday (the guy has been sitting on them for a month for no reason). However, he did officially enlist in the Navy Reserves for the next 2 years so that is a done deal!

We do know that I can be seen and receive treatment at military hospitals regardless of we are in WA or are visiting family in CA or PA so that is one less thing to worry about! I was FINALLY able to get my blood biopsy drawn and we should have the results in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully that will give us a better idea of if the spots on my femur are metastatic or not. I’m also waiting on another MRI to check out that femur too. I so hope and pray that it’s not metastatic. It’s also unclear on whether our insurance will cover the blood biopsy. They told me they won’t but the company that does the biopsy looked at their records and told me they’ve received payment from my insurance for the biopsy many times so we are praying they will cover it as it’s $1200.

So now….we continue to wait. Wait for answers on the metastasis, wait for a job, wait for official orders. We are grateful for the progress that has been made so far! One way or the other, we will be moving from HI to WA in a little over a month!

As far as what *I* am doing, I’m still taking Turkey Tail & Stamets 7, astragalus, graviola, a few other vitamins and supplements. I’m working with a naturopathic oncologist and am taking modified citrus pectin 3x/day and I also take artemisinin. All of these things have shown to help heal cancer so I am doing what I can while my Drs are scratching their heads 😉

Romans 12:12 is ringing so true for me with each passing day, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

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