Stage IV confirmed…

…and God is still Good!

Yesterday I went to my naturopathic oncologist and he went over the results of my blood biopsy and lab work with me. The blood biopsy confirmed that I do have metastasis. They found 9 circulating tumor cells (CTS) per however much blood (I don’t remember the exact amount); anything over 5 is considered metastasis. I was thinking it was on a scale of 1-10 and concerned that it was crazy high but he said he wouldn’t be freaking out, that the numbers can get up to and above 50’s and a healthy person’s CTC numbers are 0-4. So while there are more cells than we’d like to see, it is promising that it isn’t a crazy high number. This is my baseline number from here on out. He is recommending IV therapies and to re-do the blood biopsy in 1-2 months to see if the number is increasing, decreasing, or staying the same.

All of my lab results looked very good, especially for a cancer patient. There were a few supplements that he prescribed to help my body to be able to fight off the cancer better and encouraged me to continue with the other supplements I’m taking and to only eat organic foods and maintain a low-glycemic diet.

Almost 2 weeks ago, my MRI results came back and showed that the suspected metastasis on my femur has not changed since my first MRI in Feb which indicated it might not be metastesis…although my Oncologist (the traditional one) still felt it was but that I’d simply had a great response to the chemo.

In that time of thinking I may not be stage IV, I was relieved but at the same time…disappointed. It may sound crazy but I felt like God had been working on my heart and mind to handle the stage IV diagnosis and a long course of treatment so when I thought I might actually put this behind me, it was weird. In my heart I still felt it was stage IV and on that following Sunday, as I was worshiping in church I was thinking/praying: “Am I crazy for being disappointed that it might not be stage IV? God can you please just give me a for sure answer” God just gently put a thought in my heart and mind that it IS stage IV but that it’s ok, He’s got this. He’s not finished with me and he is going to use this in ways I can’t imagine.” At the same time, this feeling of peace and complete joy washed over me. So when I got my results and they showed CTC’s, I didn’t freak out. I will say I’ve had plenty of doubts and the devil keeps trying to play the “what if” game with me but I sit up, straighten my proverbial crown, and remind myself that I’m the daughter of the One True King and he is bigger than cancer.

God just keeps reassuring me that this is all part of my journey. As soon as I turned on the car to go to this appointment, the song “Move” was starting on the radio.

“Another heartbreak day
Feels like you’re miles away
Don’t even need no shade
When your sun don’t shine, shine

I know your heart been broke again
I know your prayers ain’t been answered yet
I know you’re feeling like you got nothing left
Well, lift your head, it ain’t over yet, ain’t over yet so
Move, keep walkin’ soldier keep movin’ on
Move, keep walkin’ until the mornin’ comes
Move, keep walkin’ soldier keep movin’ on
And lift your head, it ain’t over yet, ain’t over yet.”

I’ve got to say that I am so grateful for naturopathic medicine. My traditional oncologist (while I do love him), has basically said we will just watch and wait until something starts growing again. He didn’t know about the blood biopsy and was waiting for the spot on my femur to grow. Western medicine oncologists unfortunately don’t have the same tools that naturopathic oncologists do so they are left to “watch and wait.” On the flip side, my naturopathic oncologist understands how diet, exercise, and various supplements, vitamins, etc. strengthen the body and the immune system and work against cancer. He looks at the microscopic picture, and treats the body on that level, as a whole. They use alternative treatments to help the body heal the cancer without the side effects of chemo and radiation. I only wish our MANDATORY health insurance would cover the cost of these natural treatments :/ Someday…..someday.

My naturopathic oncologist actually told me if he had cancer, he’d move to Seattle for treatment and he’s really excited that I will be able to go there for treatment. So, now to get our insurance squared away and line up a Naturopathic oncologists and traditional oncologist. T minus 12 days until we move off away from HI!!!




One thought on “Stage IV confirmed…

  1. You are such an amazing person to continue through your journey with little doubts and a head held up high. You make a great difference for yourself and your family with your positive attitude. I am so excited for you guys to move back to WA. Seattle really does have some of the best medicine within the United States. Now I am sad that I wont be there to welcome you back but one day when I fly home soon I will be so excited to see everyone. Much Love and Strength to you and your family.


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