Catching up

I realize I’ve neglected updating this blog…the last few months have been busy, to say the least! I believe that I left off with God providing health insurance the exact morning our son broke his arm (like…BROKE…it was bent sideways y’all) and also providing a home to rent exactly when we needed it!

God has continued to provide in amazing ways. First, our landlords live next door and they are a wonderful couple and have become like an aunt and uncle to our kiddos! We had no washer and dryer so we were looking to buy a used set (while still having no job) and we were blessed by being GIVEN a set. The set may be older than I am but they WORK! Then, Josiah was given inside info for a job at the shipyard here so he was able to interview within a few days and offered a job soon after. Unfortunately, the hiring process is about as Fast as 90-‘s dial up Internet so suffice it to say, he won’t actually start or get paid until March, at the earliest. However, God provided a temporary job for Jo, restoring a boat for a friend of a friend.

The kiddos are doing great and their grievances about the cold weather here in WA quickly turned to squeals of excitement upon waking up to SNOW recently! They built a snowman, a legitimate igloo, and had a grand ol’ time! We’ve had a few days of beautiful sunshine with weather in the 40’s and 50’s and they happily throw on coats and play outside with no grumbles about the cold anymore. It probably helps that our yard is boarded by amazing woods on one side and if you ever had the pleasure of playing in or near any wooded area as a child, that is simply magical. E got his cast off last week and his arm healed wonderfully! Our littlest isn’t so little anymore. She is 22 months now and talking, signing, screeching, and belly laughing! I am homeschooling the bigs but we are exploring a Montessori school for them both.

As for me and my health, I am very well, Praise the Lord! I had wanted to be seen at University of WA or Fred Hutchinson…Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCAA) but was assigned an Oncologist on my side of the water, just 15 minutes away. I figured I’ll give her a shot and see what happens. Well, I’m kinda in love…my oncologist is simply amazing. Breast cancer is her specialty, she recently transferred to this clinic FROM SCAA, and she is completely supportive of my desire to use alternative treatments. I saw her CNP yesterday and the two of us had a wonderful conversation about the benefits of proper nutrition and acupuncture!

I need to back up a little bit. I had another echocardiogram to check my heart function. Thankfully the function was back to my healthy baseline so I was able to start up herceptin again. I’ve had two infusions and I have two more to go and then I should be done. I also had ultrasounds of my female reproductive organs due to my genetic mutation. I was not having any symptoms of ovarian or cervical cancer but they want to perform ultrasounds every 6 months to make sure if anything does develop, we will catch it early. They are also testing the tumor markers in my blood for ovarian, breast, and colon cancers every 3 months. Thankfully, all were well within normal, healthy ranges! We may do a bone scan and probably another MRI to continue to monitor the spot on my femur but my new incologist agrees with my radiologists, that the spot is likely not cancer!

I have experienced some discomfort between my armpit and left breast but there is no inflammation, although it feels like some cording may be trying to start again and that could be the culprit. If it worsens or doesn’t improve, they will do further testing but nothing about it seems suspect. And apparently residual pain or discomfort after a mastectomy is not uncommon 😕

So…that’s the short of it 🙂 I am well, the family is well, God has provided for every need, and my curls are coming back quite nicely 😀


4 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Praise God and you and the family are so beautiful!!!! PS.. I was born at Bremerton memorial hospital, my dad worked at the Bremerton Naval shipyard, and I lived in Port Orchard Washington until I was 12 when we move to California. Hugs and love from Mom Beth. XXOO (Becky Bells mom)




  2. I am several years in and still experience lots of discomfort…mostly scar tissue.
    So great to hear of your new adventure! Every season brings a lesson!
    So admire you…take care…miss you. ❤️


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