A new leaf

Hello, hello! The past 3 years have been quite a journey and I am so glad that I shared parts of that journey with whomever comes across this blog. For quite some time, I have felt compelled to share more and to be more intentional about what I am sharing. What I mean by this is that I want to share specifics on what I have learned the past three years. I would love to blog or do youtube video blogs (or perhaps a podcast) where I focus on ONE thing each time I update. For instance, I can do a blog/video/whatever on Turkey Tail mushrooms. I would explain their history, medicinal benefits, share medical studies, what products I take, and how they have helped.

Similarly, I could do a post featuring one of the books that I found extremely helpful and explain the basics of the book, what I liked, perhaps anything I didn’t like, where you can get it, etc. I would love to incorporate some of my day-to-day life like healthy & tasty recipes, life hacks, ways we reduce our toxin load, etc.

I would love YOUR feedback on what information you would like for me to share first and input on whether you’d like to read it here in blog format, listen to an audio format, or watch a video blog? I have gleaned so much information and I want to share it and be a blessing to those around me! So please, tell me what information would be beneficial!!!

Blessings to you,



4 thoughts on “A new leaf

  1. Dear Cheryse, I loved your blog and it is very good to have it in written form as it is packed with useful information which one can double check. But it would also be great to have a video update every so often to back up and enforce what you write and give a more personal take on your journey. Sophie Sabbage (Cancer Whisperers) used to do this. As a side note I would love to know more about the mushrooms. They have been a big thing in my life anyway (I have made art about them – http://chrisdrury.co.uk/category/mapping/mushrooms/ but now we here that trees communicate via fungi and they cure cancer. Best wishes Chris

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