Biopsy No. 5

Well, I had my biopsy last Wednesday…biopsy number 5. I feel like I should come up with a parody of  Lou Bega’s Mambo No. 5:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is biopsy number five!

One, two, three, four, five

everybody in the car, so come on, let’s ride

to the hospital around the corner…

a little bit of cancer in my life

a little bit of lidocaine in my side

A little bit of tissue is all she needs

A little bit of screen is all I see….


Ok but somewhat seriously, I  really though I was done with those things but I guess my body just likes to be poked and prodded! I woke up with a start that morning and thought my husband had overslept his alarm for work so I roused him and he sleepily told me he took the day off to go with me to my biopsy (because of course I was just going to go alone….I’d gone to my other breast biopsies alone). I realized I felt relief when he told me this and I laid back down and slept until my alarm went off.

It was so nice to have Josiah home that morning to help get the kiddos ready and dropped off at school. We were running early and stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a repurposed med my naturopathic Dr. prescribed for me the day prior the dropped out little off with a sweet friend from church.

I have to speak to tjat repurposed medicine a moment.  So in addition to the IV vitamin C I mentioned in my previous post, I started sessions in this machine called a HOCATT that is an infared sauna that uses transdermal ozone, PEMF, and a whole lotta other things in one sitting.  It is highly detoxifying and arguably could kill cancer cells so I figured I might as well do some sessions while we wait to see what is going on in my breast. As I was sitting for my session, I asked my doc about Propranolol, another repurposed med that keeps coming to my attention. She thought about it and realized it’s a beta blocker which would protect my heart from the antibody med and it has very few interactions for side effects. She said she would be comfortable prescribing it at a low dose  as long as I discuss my other meds & supplements with the pharmacist to verify no interactions. It just so happened that it was ready for pickup the morning of my biopsy! Here is a great medical journal article about the benefit she of propranolol against various cancers! 

Back to my biopsy, we drove to the hospital, checked in, and waited to be called back for a little while. When we were finally called back, I chatted with my nurse, out on the sexy gown, and waited for my doc to come in. I was pleased to have the same doc who had seen my ultrasound and was familiar with my case. She explained that I was scheduled to have both spots biopsied. They were next to each other and looked to be the same but one was literally up against my implant and while she was more than willing t carefully biopsy it, there was a greater risk of puncturing my implant. She said it was my body, my decision (👍) and I asked for her professional opinion on only biipsying the larger and easier to access spot. She explained that they were fairly certain both spots were the same thing and that if the smaller was something else, it would make more sense that it was a granuloma since it was right against my implant.

I asked her to explain herself bc my oncology nurse made it sound like we were definitely looking at a recurrance and this doc said well yes, it could be but it also could all be granular tissue. This was music to my ears because we know my body likes to make granular tissue! I had to have some cut and cauterized after an injury and during my reconstruction surgery, my plastic surgeon had to remove a decent amount from my mastectomy just 3 moths prior. If left unchecked, it can continue to grow indef pinitely (like a tumor). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not holding my breath, my track record for suspicious lumps and bumps has always ended in cancer but that glimmer of hope was refreshing!

After I decided on only biopsying the one spot, the Do. And nurse got me into position on the table and my doc started to numb me up. I have to say, this was by far the easiest biopsy for me (my 5th) as most of the skin there is numb anyway. Just to be safe hour, she gave me extra local “happy juice” to make sure I didn’t feel a thing, especially since she was basically putting a needle under my nipple 😐

The biopsy went smoothly and she got 4 good core samples. Her goal was for me not to need to come back for any more samples. I watched the entire thing on the screen as the biopsy was ultrasound guided (I watch all the procedures I am able to). I “leaked” quite a bit but the bleeding stopped and I clotted nicely.  They made sure my bleeding stopped and had me apply ice packs and sant me home with a few with strict orders for Josiah to pamper me 🙂

Of course, I went home and cleared a 5’x6’ are of our hill with a hand rake WITH MY RIGHT HAND…not my left where I had the biopsy. But it was such a gorgeous day I couldn’t bear to just sit or lay down inside! I used lots of arnica orally and topically to keepmswelling and bruising down and the two days later had another HOCATT session which helped with the small hematomas that were developing.


And now, we wait for results…we were told 7-10 business days so I would be shocked if I hear anything before this coming Friday. This is just another opportunity for me to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer (Romans 12:12).

Even if this is another recurrance, I’m not scared or worried. I am curious to know if it has mutated or if its still HER2+ and now resistant to herceptin. If that is he case, I will be asking my oncologist for a prescription for hydrocholoroquine as that has proved to cause cancers to overcome herceptin resistance.  Of course I asked my oncologist for this months ago but she refused but said we could revisit it if I stopped responding to herceptin 😒 In addition, this medicine blocks the Amir acid pathway of macropinocytosis. I have a hunch that HER2+ breast cancer that become so resistant, does so by using the macropinocytosis pathway and if someone could study that specifically, it would be an amazing breakthrough in an affordable treatment for HER2+ breast cancer!

Alas, I am getting ahead of myself, this might not even be cancer. God knows, and I rest assured that He holds my future. Now….off to bed with me!

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