New meds & game plan

I forgot to update after my appointment with my oncologist….my apologies!

Ok so truthfully, while I appreciate my oncologist I was angry that no one had informed me of my biopsy results! I went to my appointment prepared to have a heated discussion and have to demand the med I mentioned in my previous post (hydrocholoroquine). In fact, I printed out 2 medical journal articles and a phase II human clinical breast cancer trial to support my request. I am grateful to say that the meeting went well and that I felt very hopeful by the end of it.

My doctor came in and apologized for the biopsy and for no one telling me the results. She had been out of town when the ultrasound was performed, the biopsy ordered, and the biopsy being completed and no one informed her the ultrasound does to a biopsy with another cancer diagnosis. She wasn’t made aware of it until I called to ask about it and she apologized profusely.

That made me feel better, knowing it wasn’t her fault. She went over my results and these tumors are still HER2+ as well as ER+. In fact, they are even more ER+ than my previous tumors so she discussed my options and next steps. First, she is ordering another PET to see if the rest of my cancer is still stable or if it’s growing too (she suspects I’m stable everywhere else and his is a localized recurrance).

As for treatment,  option one is adding in tamoxifen (and estrogen blocker) and if the PET is clean, not changing chemos. If the PET shows growth elsewhere, we will discuss changin chemos. She is hopeful that the herceptin + tamoxifen (possibly without chemo) May be enough. Option two is surgery to remove the tumors and my implant.

I told her I’m ready for tamoxifen (I had concerns of uterine cancer from it before I knew about the metabolic treatments but not I’m not so concerned) and that I also want my implant out. I asked if the implant could be creating a micro environment favorable to cancer growth seeing as it folds over on itself and his is my second recurrance right next to it. She affirmed that it is very possible and that my body may need it out so it can heal better. She referred me to one of the local surgeons but I will likely be calling tomorrow to ask for a referral to Swedish. The local surgeon is skilled but he’s a general surgeon; not an oncology surgeon. If I am going under the knife again, I want THE BEST docs getting this junk out of me! I will also meet with a plastic surgeon and perhaps have one part of my team and surgery to discuss future reconstruction. I know I eventually want my other implant out and perhaps use autologous reconsteuction (bottom becomes boobs) but not until my body is far further healed. I don’t think it’s wise to subject it to more trauma for the sake of vanity while I’m actively fighting off cancer. When I fully achieve NED again, God willing, I will consider reconstruction.

I then asked her if she would prescribe the hydrocholoroquine, reminding her that it has been proven to overcome herceptin resistance and pointed out it helps overcome tamoxifen resistance. She said she was willing but wanted to verify no drug interactions with everything else I’m taking  (there were none),. Her main concern was that it can affect liver function and I am taking 2-3 other meds that can affect liver function. We decided I’d start it and take it on my off month from mebendezole as that one did raise my liver enzymes a few fimes, just to be safe, and see how my body handles is. You guys, she wrote the prescription and I picked it up the next morning along with my tamoxifen!

I left that appointment full of hope and peace. I had a herceptin infusion and then spent some time with a dear friend who watched my kiddos for me. That evening we had dinner with our small grounfeom church and God Just covered me again with His peace.

I am on the search for a second opinion from another oncologist and Inthink God may have led me to an amazingly one but I will save that info for another post. For now, I need to finish my detox bath and hit the sack before making calls to find surgeons tomorrow.



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