If you are not familiar with the health benefits of terpenes, hold onto your seats! And before you roll your eyes and stop reading, I’m not even talking about cannabis! Wait…. but you said terpenes! Isn’t that the same thing? In a word, no. Are there terpenes in cannabis? Yes. However, many other food sources contain terpenes! Cocoa for one and hops both contain terpenes and cannabiboids. Black pepper, rosemary, cloves, basil, oregano, and cinnamon all contain the terpene beta caryophyllene (BCP).


But…don’t cannabinoids make you high?!? Not all of them! BCP, for example, is an CB2 (cannabiboid-2) receptor. The ones that make you high interact with CB1 receptors. The CB2 receptors are responsible for reducing inflammation, so much so that these agonists can be beneficial in treating conditions that demonstrate hyper-inflammation!

CB2 receptors are mainly expressed in immune tissues, suggesting it plays an immunomodulatory role. They are found in the GI system, immune system, spleen, tonsils, thymus gland, and brain. It seems to be effective in treatments for arthritis and osteoarthritis as well.

Furthermore, studies have shown that HER2+ breast cancer unregulates CB2 receptors and since BCP is a CB2 agonist (blocker) it is proposed that BCP may be an effective treatment for this aggressive form of breaths cancer! I have seen the testimony of a few other. Women who are successfully using this for their Her2 cancers but sadly, proper studies are lacking so we are self-treating to see what happens. Thankfully, BCP is a FDA approved food additive and generally recognized as safe with no known med interactions so there are not major concerns with adding this so far.

Our bodies contain amazing endocannsbinoid systems and professionals have actually identified that an endocannsbinoid deficiency is a real thing and likely is a precursor to many diseases. Basically, we need cannabinoids just like we need vitamins and minerals! Now, that doesn’t mean we all need to go out and smoke cannabis. Rather, look at the foods that contain terpenes and other cannabinoids and include them regularly into your diet. If you are in a health crisis with an inflammatory disease, so some research in BCP and check out my video on my FB (Cheryse Skiles) or IG (Anchoredbeautywithcheryse) on how I prepare and take mine!


As always, none of this information is meant to diagnose or treat any specific disease and should not take the place of you consulting with your medical professionals.

Here are a few great links to expand on what I’ve shared here!



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