A new land

Oh friends, I am so at peace and even excited about what God has been doing on this journey. Yes, this is my third cancer diagnosis but once again, after a number of really good cries, feeling ALL the feels, mostly frustration and fear, I gave my feelings to God and asked Him for wisdom and direction. I have asked for healing but probably not in the sense you might expect. You see, after my first diagnosis, I BEGGED AND PLEADED with God to heal me. Then I asked Him to tell me if he wouldn’t miraculously heal me. He answered with a resounding “No.” He assured me I would be ok but that I WILL walk this cancer journey, but never alone.  More than that, I have sensed God calling me to seek His wisdom over simply trusting my doctors. He has called me out into this wilderness of strange territory away from the comforts and “ease” of simply complying with my oncologist. He has shown me a path of alternative treatments, different immunotherapies, and different dosing of chemos. Believe me when I say this is not an easy journey. There are SO MANY choices, so much information, that I rely on God to guide me to the RIGHT choices. So far, He has, and I know he is a faithful father who won’t abandon me.

On Tuesday, I dropped my big kids off at school and drove with my 4yo to the ferry terminal. I couldn’t find parking and knew as I pulled into the THIRD parking garage that if there wasn’t a spot right by the ticket machine, I wasn’t going to make it. I wasn’t surprised when there was ONE spot left, just one space away from the ticket machine. M and I were in the last group of people to make it into the ferry. Such a little thing, an open parking space, but another little “love note” from my Heavenly Father. The ferry ride takes an hour and from there, we walked to our bus route that took us to my Naturopathic Oncologist, Dr Standish. We arrived a bit early so we walked down to the waterfront and enjoyed a small park full of a variety of flowers. It was a beautiful, quiet spot amidst a bustling metropolis. I was reminded once again to take the time to stop and enjoy Gods creation. To sit and just BE, even if it is only for 2 minutes.

We walked back up to my appointment. I picked up a magazine to read while We waited and was amused to find multiple articles in this magazine about metabolic cancer therapies, the first of which containing info on the EXACT combo of therapies I wanted to discuss with Dr Standish.

My appointment was wonderful. My Dr was absolutely INTRIGUED by my currency. In fact, she sat back and talked us through it and why I’m stable with NED everywhere else but I’ve had two recurrences by my implant….I am officially “fascinating.” 😂 seriously though, it IS fascinating. I told her I’d started tamoxifen (estrogen blocker), hydroxychloroquine (HCL) and beta-caryophyllene (BCP) and we are planning on explanation surgery and tumor removal. She fully supported tamoxifen, had not yet heard of HCL and asked how I found out about it. I laughed and said Janes book and then researching medical journals online. I also told her I was in contact with two metabolic cancer researchers and shared their info with her. She commented on how every time I come in, I bring new information with me that is always helpful for her practice. I joked that I thought I was meant to walk this path to connect the right people and she said she agreed. I said I would love for someone to be able to take my tumors and test the macropinocytosis pathways with them and I could see her gears turning!

She fully supported Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and using either Iv vitamin C or sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) but wanted to get the opinion of another ND who specializes in those treatments for cancer before recommending a treatment. I shared that i was seeing a new Oncologist, Dr Cheu, that same afternoon and she spoke highly of him and asked that He recommends from an oncology standpoint.

She was curious about the BCP and wanted to know if I would meet with one of their cannabis consultants, which I did. Much of what she shared I already knew but I did learn some new things and came away with a clean, quality CBD oil and so far, it has completely taken away the pain I was starting to experience from the tumors (the pain started after my new meds so we suspect it’s the tumors dying off).

I left that appointment feeling so validated and encouraged, knowing that God IS using my journey in bigger ways than I can imagine! The little one and Walked to our next bus stop, then transferred busses to get to my afternoon appointment.

Fun side story, I discovered 3 inch works on my cardigan while we were on the bus so I carefully put them on a paper towel and then transferred them to some plants when we exited the bus ❤️

We arrived at the oncology office early but he was able to see me early so it worked out well! His name is Dr Ben Chue. After my confirmed recurrence, I realized my current oncologist, as wonderful as she is, will not be able to think outside the box in terms of oncology treatments so I googled “oncologist metronomic chemotherapy” and he popped up. I perused his  Website and immediately felt at peace. I read some of his published studies, saw he is a Christian, and just had those sense of hope and peace.

Back to the actual appointment, it was great. They went over my ENTIRE history, we discussed the metabolic therapies (new to him but he seemed intrigued and I gave them a copy of the How To Starve Cancer book) and then he gave me his recommendations. He shared his recently Published case Study of a patient with extensive stage Iv triple negative breast cancer who is cancer free 15 years from her diagnosis and explained he has several other patients who we’re terminal and now are “only”1-3 years cancer free. He recommended a cream commonly used for Basel cell carcinoma and some warts to apply daily but only in a small spot where the tumor meets the healthy skin. He believes this calls the immune system to the cancer and helps it recognize the cancer. We also discussed basically a super low dose of interferon, an immune stimulator. He supports my decision for surgery and after surgery, he would recommend low dose, metronomic, sequential chemo therapies. What this application of chemo does in the low doses but more frequently, is it doesn’t wipe out the body’s immune system and it also doesn’t give cancer a chance to rebound or mutate during long breaks. Doing sequential treatment means 5-6 weeks of one chemo then switching to another, then another, BEFORE the cancer can mutate. It’s genius and I don’t understand why it’s not standard of care yet!

This doc is also willing to work with a doctor closer to me so I can stay in kitsap for infusions but honestly, I don’t know that my current oncologist will agree…or any local oncologist. I may have to travel to Seattle once a week for…..months. But, if that means no more cancer and no more meds after all this, it will be worth it!

God has led me to this strange “land” of treatments and I see His hand working not only for MY good, but for the good of countless others who are and will benefit from more docs using the metabolic therapies and connecting with each other! I would appreciate prayer that insurance will approve the interferon and that we decide quickly how to do the DCA, HBOT, etc. Also, that my oncologist would be receptive to administering the chemo here so I don’t have to travel to Seattle weekly.  Blessings to you all!!!




4 thoughts on “A new land

  1. Thank you Cheryse for allowing our Father to use you, to work in and through you. Thank you for following His lead, relying on His strength and wisdom and grace. Continuing to lift you up for His healing, His perfect plan.


  2. Praise God! So glad you found Dr. Chue. Becaue of God and him, I am alive. I would love to meet you! I still do Herceptin and Perjeta every three weeks. So I am there coming up on the 15th.
    You have done a lot of research. It is interesting how we can have the same cancer, yet… our bodies are different, respond differently, and God does what He wants with us.
    I will be praying for you… for more than just the physical healing. Nice to meet someone who understands that.


  3. Oh, and if you ask Chi at Dr. Chue’s about getting Interferon….. if your insurance won’t pay for it, sometimes a patient passes on extra bottles to be given out. Or a patient dies and the caregiver passes on the extra bottles. We all help each other at Dr. Chue’s.


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