6/12 chemos down

Oh my I have neglected this blog because I’ve been too busy living life! Just a quick update and I promise to post a more in depth update later this weekend!

I am doing 12 rounds of weekly, low dose taxol and carboplatin plus weekly herceptin and 50G IVc before each chemo alongside my metabolic therapies. My tumors are responding beautifully and I have minimal side effects. Today was round 6 of this chemo routine and I should really start loosing my hair this week.

We have been so blessed by friends and family visiting to watch our kiddos during treatment and take me to/from treatments. I have met some of the most amazing and wonderful people in the iv room and look forward to treatment each week. I have been blessed to mostly live life normally so far, apart from some fatigue. In fact, yesterday my kiddos and I were able to view a pod of transient orcas near our home twice; what a great start to the summer!

last week my parents helped me paint my kiddos’ room a pretty grey (instead of make your eyes bleed green and dark mauve) and I caught a cold but thankfully am almost over it.


Blessings to you, Cheryse

3 thoughts on “6/12 chemos down

  1. So glad you are handling chemo with little side effects! So glad to have seen you at Dr. Chue’s a couple times!!! You are being a light in a dark place. Praying for you.


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