Scans & My Defender

I cannot believe it has been 6 weeks since I last posted and I’ve completed 12 weeks of chemo! I have tolerated the chemo quite well, all things considered. Somehow I managed not to loose my hair (it’s definitely thinned but the curls mask the thinning). I have had some nausea on and off the past few weeks but never actually got sick. I had some issues with bowel movements but we fixed that with magnesium twice a day and “bottoms up” balm. Oh the joys.

Before every chemotherapy, I have had 50G of IV vitamin C, which I believe has helped me immensely. Not only can we visibly feel that the tumors have melted down to almost nothing and the dermal invasion is healing but the lack of side effects has been remarkable. Of course, I have continued with my repurposed “metabolic” medicines and supplements as well as nutrition to starve the cancer and help my immune system.

My oncologist also has me doing teeny injections of interferon-alpha 3x/week to stimulate my immune system in hopes that it will detect the cancer and attack as well as recognize it in the future and keep it from growing. Most recently, I discovered a product that was developed by the scientist who discovered interferon in our bodies. This product is an oral supplement comprised of 4 herbs and it supposedly increases interferon in the body naturally. I showed it to my Naturopath at my oncologists office. She looked into it and said it certainly wouldn’t hurt to take it. We are going to see if we can do any blood tests to check my interferon levels before I take the supplement and then after taking it a few weeks. It would be amazing to be able to take a natural supplement rather than do injections 3 times a week. Plus, most insurance companies don’t cover the cost of the interferon and it’s really expensive.

Tomorrow, I go to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for an MRI of my chest and CT scans of my chest and abdomen. They want to see how much of the cancer is left in my skin/around my implant and what’s going on with what we think are two dead liver mets. The following day I will have another round of chemo, for good measure since I’m both tolerating it well and responding to it well. This coming Monday, I will see my oncology surgeon to discuss whether she thinks surgery is an option now or if we should wait longer.

Honestly, I’m not worried. I don’t have any “scanxiety.” I know God is in complete control and is my defender! We sing this song at church and I was rocking out to it as I prepared dinner today. I hope the truth sung in this song bring you hope.

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