Oh Liver…

I finally heard back from my surgeon regarding the spots on my liver. For some reason, SCCA does not have any of my former CT scans to compare the most recent one and my most recent PET scan that was sent to them does not show the two liver spots. Those two liver mets have not shown up on my last two PET scans but did show up on a CT scan in between those two PET scans. In addition to those two spots, they saw what they believe is a simple cyst and perhaps a hemageoma, both of which they believe are benign. However, since they cannot confirm the two mets are the old ones and there are two hopefully benign issues, the tumor board all felt that a liver MRI is necessary. The liver MRI thankfully is able to very clearly tell us if any of these spots are benign or cancerous without any need for a biopsy. I have a liver MRI scheduled for September 9th at 5pm. I so appreciate prayers that they will get clear images and there will be no doubt regarding what is there. The hope and prayer is that the two spots in questions are my old liver mets and that the cyst and hemangioma are not cancerous.

Why so many liver issues? Well, after my stage IV diagnosis nearly two years ago was confirmed with a liver biopsy, my 2 liver mets spread like wilfire and by the time I started treatment, the next scan showed “innumerable” liver mets. The liver is one of the organs in our bodies that detoxify the body from toxins and junk….like medications, poor food choices, alcohol, etc. Mine has been riddled with cancer and is constantly trying to detox from my chemo and other meds. I haven’t been doing enough to support it and I need to get serious about that or I won’t ever fully get better, of this I am sure.

I am doing my part to help my liver out in the meantime, drinking tea with dandelion and milk thistle every evening, celery juice in the mornings, and eating as clean as possible. I’m also intermittent fasting every day (I don’t eat “breakfast” until 10-11 and stop eating by 6pm) and I am currently fasting the day before and will fast the day of chemo as well.  I will also be buying/eating more artichokes, cabbage , beets, and cauliflower as they help cleanse the liver too! In fact, I just made about 8 quarts of mineral chicken bone broth using one of the roosters my husbands butchered and will be making this amazing detoxifying cabbage soup to enjoy this weekend and in the coming week. If I’m feeling really adventerous, I may finally break in my new (to me) omega juicer and do a 3 day juice cleanse along the lines of this one.


Here are a few useful links regarding liver health and the herbs/foods I’ve mentioned above:





How about you? Do you do anything to support your liver?

2 thoughts on “Oh Liver…

  1. I drink roasted dandelion root tea. Yummy replacement for coffee. And speaking of coffee, I have done coffee enemas, daily, for 5 years. They definitely detox the liver. And it is a sweet time to spend with the Lord, reading the Bible from cover to cover, praying, praising, crying, knowing Him more! I call it my coffee break! Organic green coffee ordered from Cananda. Made weekly so I just pour off some, add more water, add hot water to make it comfortable and there is a quart ready!

    Sounds like you are doing some good things too!

    Praying for your scan to be clear and not cancer. And that you would know Him more in His truth as you go through this trial.


  2. Yes! I agree with the liver MRI because they can get more conclusive and clear images. I will be praying and praying. We love you and are here for you however we can be!


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