What a year

A year ago, this week, I shared that my PET scan results revealed No Evidence of Disease. That’s right, my local breast recurrence and lymph nodes AND my liver tumors were all SILENT….nothing lit up. I. WAS. ELATED. I cried happy tears. I shouted it from the rooftops and shared with you what I had done that year to achieve such remarkable results! This blog was shared over and over and the amount of people visiting it was amazing and humbling.

By January though, I felt another lump on my breast and noticed the skin on that breast changing to the dreaded “orange peel” breast cancer hallmark texture. My (former) oncologist didn’t seem too concerned and actually forgot to put in the referral for an ultrasound until I reminded her 3 weeks later at the next appointment. Unfortunately, due to a freak snowstorm they were super backed up so I couldn’t get in for 3-4 MORE weeks. U/s determined I needed a needle biopsy and that took some more time again. All the while I was peace-filled and hoping/praying it was just scar tissue. The needle biopsy told us my breast cancer was back for the THIRD time. It was still highly Her2+ and now obviously not responding to the Herceptin (targeted anti-body) OR my low dose oral chemo (capcitabine/xeloda). It was also PR+ and highly ER+.  I was crushed again but I was determined to figure out WHY it came back and how to STOP IT!

I reached out to my friend Jane (author of How to Starve Cancer) and she pointed out that two of the metabolic pathways I was not blocking were ones that HER2+ breast cancer likes to up regulate. Pardon me here but…..”Cr@p! How did I miss that?” Jane had previously STRONGLY recommended that I block ALL the pathways as my cancer is advanced AND aggressive but I was hoping I didn’t need to block them all. MY BAD. So, I did some digging and sure enough, the repurposed meds that block macropinocytosis/autophagy ALSO have been proven to cause Her2+ cancer to become sensitized and “respond” to Herceptin again! It also helps ER+ bc “become responsive” to estrogen blocking meds.  Here are a few medical journal articles on the subject:



I knew that hydroxycholoroquine (HCL) as well as chloroquine both worked in this manner but they also come with a slight risk of retina damage and I was super wary of that. Jane discovered info that suggested Claritin and similar meds block macropinocyctois/authophagy so I stopped at Costco and picked up some Claritin! I did talk my oncologist into prescribing HCL based on the aforementioned articles and she agreed. I took it for quite a while but seemed to have some optical migraines and was concerned they could be triggered by the HCL. You’re supposed to see an ophthalmologist and have a retina exam with HCL and I need to do that.

The other pathway I wasn’t blocking well was the  Aerobic Glycolsis pathway. This pathway can be inhibited by high doses of IV vitamin C, and 3 other meds/supplements.

I started on high doses or oral liposomal vitamin C while I waited for a new treatment plan with my former (then current) oncologist and then was blessed to find an oncologist who specializes in Low Dose “Metronomic” chemotherapy AND has a Naturopath IN OFFICE who works with him/patients. I believe I posted about my meeting with Dr. Chue, my now current oncologist, and how God just made it very clear that Dr. Chue was the right doctor and that was the right treatment center for me. For the past 24 weeks…..6 months, I have traveled (in an “over the river & through the woods tune”) over the puget sound and through the city to Lifespring Cancer Treatment Center EVERY FRIDAY (ok, ok, there were a few Thursdays in there). This is NOT how I envisioned my year…not one little bit. I still have more chemo in my future and hopefully surgery too.

BUT GOD—HE knew this was the plan. He knew that this year would grow me, would lead me to new friends, would use me to share this metabolic approach with more doctors and patients, and he has used me to spread the gospel. The enormity of the past year and how God has used me is not lost on me. I know that this journey has had a purpose and that I have been blessed with a unique  position to spread the “good news” of other effective cancer treatments and the best news of all, the saving Grace of Jesus!

Our Pastor is preaching through 1 Peter this fall and last week few weeks some of the text has been bout hope, the gospel witness, and suffering–namely persecution for Christian beliefs but also just suffering in general in this life. I have been so encouraged to be reminded that my HOPE is an anchor for my soul—it is unwavering. As such, I want to share this hope with the world! Death is not the final destination. This world is not the end. No, friends, there is life after death for those who trust Jesus as their savior. He conquered the grave and death and rose victoriously. He will return to claim his own and reclaim this world, restoring it to it’s intended perfect creation.

I have no fear of cancer. I have no fear of death. I KNOW who holds my future and that is a BEAUTIFUL place to be. Of course I would love to stick around to watch my children grow up and to grow old with my husband but no matter what happens, I know my future.

Do you know yours? If you were to die today, do you KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, what would happen to your soul?

I would encourage you to head over to my church’s site here and listen to the 1 Peter sermons. If you are not a follower of Christ and not assured of your salvation, I’d encourage you to talk to God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. I would love to chat with anyone who has questions!

I am grateful for every day I can spread the good news of the metabolic of cancer and the AMAZING news of the Gospel!




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One thought on “What a year

  1. Amen, sister on all counts! It drives me crazy sometimes that it came back for someone so vigilant and well versed! You’ve left no stone unturned and have more winning vs. fighting to do! You’re winning in storing up treasures in heaven and in winning more souls to Christ. I’ve taken Plaquenil for 2 years (200 mg 2x/day) with no retina damage, phew! But as you know I do have migraines (they started right before Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquinine – spelling). Always following you and love you lots.


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