Healthy Travels

In November, my husband and I traveled via plane to Ohio to attend his grandfathers funeral. I had to move my chemo up by a day (to Thursday) so we could fly out on Friday to be able to attend the service on Saturday. So I literally had chemo about 12 hours before going to a germ-infested airport, to get on a germ-infested plane, have a layover at another germ-infested airport and get in ANOTHER germ-infested plane. 😳

Then of course we were surrounded by people at the service during cold and flu season and we had two flights with a layover at O’hare on the way home on Sunday. Guess who DIDN’T get sick?!?


Traveling with my husband!

You might be asking yourself, “But how? I always get sick after flying and I’m not even on chemo!”

I used common sense methods to protect myself from germs. *I am using affiliate links in this post. If readers click on the links and purchase any of these items, I will receive compensation (which I use to pay for treatments).**

First, I purchased this reusable mask. Sure, I could have just bought some disposable ones a bit cheaper but I knew I’d be wearing the mask for 10+ hours and the disposable ones fog up my glasses horribly and aren’t very comfortable after any amount of time. This mask has disposable filters as well as  two exhalation valves that kept my glasses from fogging up and the mask from becoming moist and gross. It has adjustable elastic ear loops that were still comfortable after wearing for 10+hours.

This mask would be beneficial for individuals with allergies, people doing woodwork, and much more! I love that it cover d all the way below my chin and up towards my ears for full coverage!

Second, I ordered these medical grade disinfecting wipes. There are three of these small packs that are perfect for travel. Normally I prefer all natural products but for air travel, with germs from all over, I meant business. I wiped down chair’s arms before I sat down in the airport. When I got on the plane, I wiped down my (and my husband’s) entire seat and **THE TRAYS!!!** Did you know that one of the most get-ridden place on the airplane is those trays 😷🤢  I’ll be keeping these packets in our car for any emergencies or times I want to toss in my purse for super grimy public places.


I also always bring my own water bottle as I don’t like plastic water bottles. I LOVE my hydro flask! It keeps cold water cold without moisture wicking and has lasted for about 4 years! I like the 21 Oz with the sport cap. It fit so in normal cup holders, is easy to drink out of, and doesn’t leak.

To keep my immune system strong while traveling, I took Host Defense Comprehensive Immune Support which comes in capsules or a liquid tincature as well as trace minerals power packs.

The mushroom supplements naturally increase natural killer cell (a type of white blood cell) function and increased mmune function. The power packs contain high doses of vitamin c and vital minerals, which also support immune health. Our favorite flavors are the orange and tangerine flavors. My kiddos LOVE the taste of these and gladly drink them.

I also always have either Dr. Bronner’s or EO lavender hand sanitizing spray in my purse AND in my car!

I hope this information has been helpful to you, especially if you are traveling and trying to stay healthy!


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