Post-Surgical Healing Tips

I am on the other side of my surgery and praise the Lord I am recovering well so far. There were a few minor complications that were immediately addressed and thankfully didn’t become major complications. I’ll post all about the surgery and a list of things I recommend anyone going into surgery bring along later. For now, I have to share my homeopathic meds!

I am blessed with a high pain tolerance but even the highest pain tolerance doesn’t negate the pain of a mastectomy and all that entails. My Naturopathic Doc prescribed 4 homeopathic remedies to address the pain and aid in the healing process. I am AMAZED, but not surprised, at how much they are helping! I started taking them the day before the surgery and have been taking them 3-4 times a day after surgery. I only took a total of 3 oxycodone after surgery (I hate that stuff), then 1000mg Tylenol for the first 36 hours, and now have only been taking 600mg every 6 -8 hours with the pain controlled!



So what are these homeopathic remedies and how are they helping? Before I go further, I want to point out that the 200ck “strength” of my homeopathic meds is considered a stronger potency (for major injuries/illness) than the 30c strength. For everyday ailments, the 30c is what we use. Also, none of what I share here is medical advice; ALWAYS consult with your physician or Naturopathic dr when considering any supplements, even “natural” ones as they can potentially cause interactions with other meds.

I also must note that some of the links I provide are affiliate links meaning if you click on them and purchase any of those products, Amazon pays me a small amount for “advertising.” Just know I will only ever suggest and link products I personally believe in ❤️


First up I want to talk about Arnica Montana! This is invaluable in EVERY home. We have it in these homeopathic pellets but also as an oil that we apply directly to bruises, bumps, cuts, etc. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and helps reduce bruising and inflammation.

I really love the Boiron homeopathic products; such as the arnica.  Oh and I love both of these arnica oils: plant life arnica oil  and Herb Pharm arnica oil. 

The Symphytum Officinale (more commonly known as Comfrey), has long been used to help heal wounds and especially aid in the healing of bone trauma and supposedly even osteoporosis. I had a bit of degredation noted on my spine at my last MRI so this can’t hurt! Comfrey is often used in herbal mixtures to aid in wound and tissue healing. You can find homeopathic symphytum officinale here.

The Hypericum Perforatum, better known as St. John’s wort), is helpful in healing nerve pain and nerve damage which is a huge part of a mastectomy. So many nerves are damaged and severed and the nerve pain is no joke…sometimes it feels like burning, other times it’s sharp, stabbing pain. I definitely wanted to address this pain with the hypericum perforatum.

Finally, Ferrum Phos #4 is a homeopathic cell salt made from iron phosphate. This helps relieve minor symptoms of swelling, usually caused by colds, fevers, etc. it also helps the body utilize its natural iron resources, which is beneficial for me as my iron levels are a little low. It seems to possibly help the immune system and just aids in healing in general. This cell salt can be found here.

I actually just went 7.5 hours without any Tylenol and clearly didn’t need it sooner. In fact, I wasn’t in much pain when I took the Tylenol just now but know I need to stay ahead of the pain. I am due for homeopathic so I’ll take those as soon as I finish this post.

If you are not familiar with homeopathy, I would recommend a few great books (you may even find them in your local library) and also this website that explains the history of homeopathy:

Complete Homeopathy Handbook

What’s the Remedy for That?

Homeopathic Medicine at Home

Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies

I hope this information is helpful to others! I would love for this info to be shared so others can benefit and have a wonderful post-surgical healing process!


Much Love,







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