Pathology Report

About a month ago, a dear friend who is so alive in the Holy Spirit, shared with me that the Spirit revealed to her that I WILL be healed but that with these 6 months of chemo, this surgery wouldn’t show COMPLETE healing yet but a significant response and very significant healing. Tonight, my surgeon called me with the pathology report from my surgery. No surprise, I had a nearly complete response and the amount of healing was “significant.” All that was left of my massive tumors was scattered “microscopic” cells AND they got clear margains, meaning there was plenty of space between the cancer and where the incisions were made.

PRAISE THE LORD! JEHOVA RAPHA—The God Who Heals! How sweet was it of The Lord to prompt the Holy Spirit to tell my friend to tell me the results before my surgery was ever performed?!? Just like He prompted others the past few months to tell me I will be ok. Friends, God may not always remove the storms from our lives immediately, or at all, but he promises to walk with us through those storms, to give us peace and courage in the storms. He promises to turn what is meant for evil into beauty….and HE DOES!

My right side had zero cancerous cells, thank goodness. Both my implants were intact, had no mold or anything growing on/ on them, and there was no cancer detected in the capsules that my body formed around the implants! There was the microscopic cancer in my left breast but again, clear margins. My oncology surgeon was very pleased with the outcome. She recomended radiation to “clean up” any possible remaining cells but my oncologist prefers we follow up with a different chemotherapy since I have metastatic cancer and radiation won’t treat cancer in my whole body.

I have had 2 sessions in the Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy (HBOT) to help my body heal, reduce the inflammatory response, and weaken any remaining cancer cells. I had high dose IV vitamin C today and will have HBOT tomorrow and Saturday and then 1-2 sessions a week from the most 3 weeks. Next Monday I have a post-op appointment and should have my drains removed (yay)! We *may* start chemotherapy again as soon as next Friday, depending on how I am healing. I would appreciate prayers for wisdom for my oncologist regarding when to start therapy and which meds to use. In the meantime, I am continuing with all my repurposed metabolic medicines and supplements to starve any remaining cancer cells as explained in my friend Jane’s book: How To Starve Cancer . Seriously EVERYONE should read this book, whether you’ve been touched by cancer or not. If you are in dire circumstances, skip to the back half of the book where she talks about the science behind the metabolic theory.

Today I was blessed to have a friend stop by and visit for a bit. She also happens to by my physical therapist and lymphedema specialist so she gave me some tips to deal with the muscle spasms I’m having, draining the bit of inflamation I have, etc. Another friend blessed us with a delicious meal and her sweet daughter baked some delicious cookies (yeah yeah I know..carbs and sugar are bad). Overall, I am healing very well with minimal pain. I am getting used to new numb areas and being careful not to snag my drain tubes. I have been using this mastectomy drain pouch belt which holds the pouches and it is SO HELPFUL! I love how lightweight it is and how it conceals my drains and tubing under my clothes when I’ve gone out in public. This one also comes with a pouch to wear in the shower! If you ever have a love story one or friend go through any surgery where drains will be placed, please buy them one of these. The drains are such a pain and this belt makes the experience a little more bearable ❤️

I plan to post all the things I packed to bring with me for my surgery soon and hopefully that will be helpful to others! In the meantime, it is time for me to strip/empty my drains, take my supplements and meds, and go to bed!

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