PET/CT Results…..

I am so incredibly happy to report that my PET/CT scan this past Monday was CLEAR!!! Based on those scans, they found No evidence of Disease or (NED). I was so incredibly relieved when I read the results that I choked up (and then a short time later I ugly cried in the shower). Months ago, God used some complete strangers to tell me I’d be just fine. Months before that he revealed to others that I would be healed. I so wanted to believe that but when you’ve had two recurrences and you know you’ve already outlived the average life expectancy, believing in complete healing wholeheartedly certainly doesn’t come naturally. In the past months, I chose to surrender my health to God; trust him and not worry or be anxious. I didn’t obsess over my nutrition, supplements, medications, etc. I did the best I could with it all and gave the rest to God.

Right before my first recurrence and confirmed Stage IV status, God had led me first to Jane McLelland and eventually her book “How To Starve Cancer.” More recently he led me to my oncologist, Dr. Chue at Lifespring Cancer Treatment Center (yes, he does phone/video consults and will work remotely with you and your local oncologist). I firmly believe that God healed me using the metabolic approach explained in Jane’s book combined with the low dose weekly chemotherapy and immunotherapy prescribed by Dr. Chue.

In case you don’t remember, I achieved a clear PET/CT in November of ’18 only to have a very aggressive localized recurrence show up a couple of months later. I am acutely aware of the fact that this COULD happen again. This is why I’ve made the choice to do another 12 weeks of a chemotherapy I have not been exposed to yet (starting this Friday) in an effort to kill off any remaining cells that were too small for the PET or CT to detect. Of course I will also continue to take my repurposed medications and supplements to continue to “starve” any remaining cells. This is especially important for those pesky, resilient stem cells that sometimes survive chemo. Starving them of their fuel source, I believe is imperative.

Another aspects of healing that I’ve only very briefly talked about but I have come to realize are JUST as important as the physical healing, are the emotional, mental, and spiritual health. The more I learn and experience and the more people I meet, the more I have come to realize that these aspects MUST be addressed in order for us to properly heal. These principles are outlines (with others like nutrition and such) in one of the first books I ever read after my cancer diagnosis. It’s another that I think EVERYONE should read, whether you have cancer or not: Radical Remission.

For example, I have met some dear people along the way who just don’t get better despite the fact that physically and clinically they should. I’ve noticed that these people tend to be very negative quite regularly. Their glass is never even half empty; they are emotionally/mentally/spiritually running on empty. This is not to say that one can never have a bad day or a good cry; goodness knows I’ve had my fair share of both! I feel it is IMPORTANT to acknowledge our frustrations, disappointments, and feel those feelings but we must process them and chose to move past them rather than to dwell there. If you are convinced that your cancer is going to kill you; it likely will.

I have also learned the importance of having peace, not allowing myself to become obsessive over my cancer or treatments, and to LIVE my life! When I was first diagnosed, I was MILITANT about EVERYTHING I ate. Everything was organic, mostly raw, NO sugars, certainly no sweets or indulgences. I’m ashamed to say that I silently judged those around me for indulging in sweets or eating junk food. More recently, I was quite militant about my supplements and repurposed meds. If I rant out of one, I stressed until I was able to replace it. Since then, while I am mindful overall about my nutrition, supplements and meds, I don’t obsess over any of it. I splurge and eat junk or sweets on occasion and don’t feel guilty. I do the best I can and trust God to take care of it all.

I have also added few things in the recent months to heal and strengthen my body. First up are my Healthyline products. I try to lay on my TAJ Mat daily and we have the Tourmaline Magnetic Energy- Cotton Duvet on our bed that I sleep under every thing. I also have this magnetic power bracelet that I thoroughly enjoy wearing as well as this small heating pad that I’ve used to put on my chest/abdomen during chemo as well as on sore knees and on my back. To say I LOVE these products is a severe understatement! I will definitely do another post soon JUST on them and how they work. The MAIN reason for the mat was the PEMF function. If you check them out before then and want to make a purchase, be sure to use my promo code when you checkout for 10% off your order + free shipping: csj10s

I also started taking Black Seed Oil (BSO) for the bioactive compound it contains called Thymoquinone (TQ). Many experimental findings have highlighted TQ as an effective therapeutic agent for suppression of tumor growth, development, and metastasis for a wide range of tumors. You can google “Thymoquinone, [insert your cancer type]” and see what comes up! A few studies I’ve found very helpful are here and here. What is perhaps most exciting to me is that it seems to be very effective in killing the stem cells of the breast cancer cell lines—the stem cells that chemo alone don’t always seem to be able to kill (even more so when combined with a chemo). This is a great capsulated BSO. Maju and Freshfield both make good BSO that is in the liquid form but some might find the taste too much for them.

Another significant change I’ve made, and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, is that I’ve been mindful of my gut health. It has made such a positive impact on my overall health but also my chemotherapy related side effects and, I believe, my immune system as well. I personally use probiotics, probiotics, and a few other supplements by a company called Plexus and I cannot recommend them enough. It is a direct marketing company and I joined for the wholesale discount.

The final recent addition/change I’ve made is that I started using Cell Food oxygenating immune support formula. I don’t remember what prompted me to order it, it may have been one of my Naturopath’s suggestions. After I did, I realized one of my other “terminal” cancer friends, Scott Davis, who ALSO recently posted about a CLEAR PET/CT has been using it as well (alongside a host of other supplements and oils). These drops reportedly reduce oxidative stress, oxygenates cells, and does more. Honestly, I’ve not researched them too in depth but I find it’s very easy to add the drops to my 40oz water bottle and go.

I could ramble on but it is past my bedtime and I value my sleep and know the importance of adequate rest 🙂 I hope that this update has filled you with hope and given you some information you can use to research information and things you may want to use in your health journey (whether you have cancer or not).

As per usual, nothing I’ve said here is intended as medical advice. These are simply things I have done in an attempt (a successful one) to help my body heal from Stage IV breast cancer. Some of the links provided are affiliate links. This means if you click on them and choose to purchase one of the products I’ve recommended, Amazon will pay me a small advertising fee that I will use to pay for some of my many, many supplements. The products don’t end up costing you any more money and they throw some change my way…it’s a win-win!

Until next time~ Cheryse

5 thoughts on “PET/CT Results…..

  1. Hi Cheryse,

    I am the woman who reached out to you re also (newly) at Dr. Chue’s clinic… have loved reading your blog and hear your spirit so clearly!! Different cancer for me -‘gastroesophageal stage 4 lots of big lymph nodes involved – diagnosed last May. I am Canadian, and got to Dr.Chue by Divine intervention… a long windy path after recognizing that Nova Scotia health care had completely written me off. And I too have had others – a few complete strangers – let me know I am going to be fine during the past year. Have just started the Jane’s protocol, or parts of it …. so curious, with weekly metronomic chemo when is the kill phase exactly? Let me know if you are open to an email or whatsapp chat about this…. and feeling so very happy for your recent scan 😊.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Christine! I am so glad you’ve found Dr Chue As well as the metabolic approach! Id absolutely be open to email! I personally treat the kill phase as Day of and 24-48hours after chemo. I typically avoid certain supplements like vitamin E 24 hours before and 24 hours after the infusion. I do mebendezole usually m-w (chemo on Friday) at 200mg per day. I have another ND onnmy side of the water who has been helping me fine tune the metabolic meds and supplements as she went to annoncology conference last fall hat was FULL of metabolic treatments (she laughed bc she was familiar with almost all of them because of me).


  2. Cheryse,

    Thank you for sharing your journey – I am so glad to have found you. I wondered if you might be open to having a conversation with me? Just yesterday I had a consultation with Dr. Chue to explore metronomic sequential chemo for my metastatic triple negative breast cancer. I am also very much interested in the metabolic approach. At the time of my initial diagnosis in 2018 I began a schedule of fasting to compliment my treatments. I plan to dig deeper into Jane’s work and the COC approach to gain more understanding. Though you have already shared so much of yourself here (thank you!) if you would be willing to chat I would love the opportunity.

    Alli, Minnesota


    1. Hi Alli, It’s my pleasure! I’d love to chat! Im best reached through email or if you find me on Facebook or instagram you could message me either place! I hope you have confidence going forward!!!



      1. Cheryse,

        Hopefully this reply gets through to you – not always sure how blogs deal with forwarding replies. Thank you so much for the response. My husband came across your blog and it was such perfect timing, as I see so much hope and inspiration in your story. I would love the chance to hear more specifically about your treatment plan with Dr. Chue as well as your experience with complementary treatments – IV VitC and other things you have found successful. I had a consult with him last week, and I am trying to decide my next course of action. As you can imagine, my doc is suggesting I follow the normal road for stage IV…take one treatment until it stops working, then try the next and the next. There are some trials I am eligible for, but I find Dr. Chue’s approach really compelling. Yet I also want to have open eyes and not cling so hard to the success of his case stories that I fail to really think it all through.

        A little about me – I was diagnosed with triple negative in 2018. At the time, my son was 3 and my daughter was 6 months. I have a pretty hopeful and fighting spirit, so I tackled it head on and did chemo and bilateral mast. I did some research on complementary practices at the time, so I adopted a fasting regimen after reading a lot about its potential to starve cancer of glucose. I was declared a pathologically complete response in 2018, yahoo! Unfortunately, in late 2019 I discovered a recurrence so then did chemo + immunotherapy, surgery and radiation. My scan 2 months after finishing radiation showed spots in my lungs, confirmed by biopsy. So, now I am in the dreaded stage IV club.

        At the moment I am back on chemo (abraxane) and immunotherapy (atezolizumab) and the current plan is to monitor after 3 months. My sister came across Dr. Chue’s two long term remission case studies, and of course it filled me with hope. His approach seems to make logical sense, and yet it is so hard to square with the reality that no one else seems to be doing it. I struggle with my gut feeling that it would be a great shot for me, with the nagging concern that I am simply putting too much hope in a few isolated stories. So, I really would love to know more about how you made the decision to work with him, what it has been like, and how it fit in with the complementary steps you were taking. It seems like you are thriving – and that is my hope as well!

        Sincerely, Alli Zomer


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