Still No Evidence of Disease

It’s been a few weeks since I received the results of my CT scans last month and I am elated to report that the scans revealed no evidence of disease!!! If you’re new here, I’ve been living with stage IV breast cancer for about 4 years. I’ve had 2 recurrences and now have had a clear PET/CT scan (this past April) and clear CT scans a few weeks ago. Does this mean I’m “in remission” or “cancer free?” No. Does this mean 14+ months of weekly low dose metronomic chemotherapy, low dose immunotherapy, and metabolic therapies was effective? Yes! If you’re wondering how I got here, I encourage you to read some of my past posts but suffice it to say, I followed God’s lead and he led me down a road not many travel.

So what does this mean for me now? Well, I will continue with some targeted therapies for the HER2+ aspect of my cancer. I go in for infusions of Herceptin every 3 weeks. I also recently started taking a brand new oral Kinase inhibitor, Tukysa. In addition, I still do teeny injections of Intron-A 3 times a week and we just started injections of mistletoe every other day until I find my ideal dose. Yes mistletoe, as in the stuff you kiss under. No I don’t think it will make me a better kisser but I guess you can ask my husband in a few weeks! These two injections work to stimulate my immune system in small doses and the hope is that these tiny frequent injections will stimulate the immune system to recognize any remaining cancer cells (or any other foreign invader) and kill them off. I will continue my gobs of supplements and some repurposed medications to target my cancer metabolically (starve it). My Naturopathic Oncologist would like to see me continue weekly IV Vitamin C treatments for 2 months but I’m not sure that’s feasible at $250 a week but we shall see.

With good news like this, you’d think I would have popped on here right away to share the good news! My apologies for not doing so sooner. The truth is that I’ve been so busy enjoying life that I keep putting this off! We dealt with a child’s broken arm and subsequent full arm cast. We traveled down to California for two weeks to visit family and surprise my grandmother for her 90th birthday last month. We said see you in heaven to my other grandmother the same week. We replaced our front door, front steps, and flooring in our common areas. We decided we (I) will homeschool all three of our kiddos this year so I’ve been researching/buying curriculum and planning our first month. Then last week I saw the forecast called for 80’s and sunshine in an area we’ve been wanting to camp. So, naturally, in less than 24 hours we planned packed, and went camping for 4 days! We did a few hikes, enjoyed the lake and then a saltwater beach. I’ve also been honing my green thumb with my garden this year and have been hauling wagons of dirt to level out a spot for my garden shed. The past month and a half has been B-U-S-Y in SUCH a good way. It felt normal and productive. I wasn’t going in for weekly chemo and recovering from each session. I won’t like the last 4 weeks of chemo were rough so it’s been freedom to feel well and not have our lives revolve around weekly treatments!

I’ll leave you with a few images of our past month and a half of adventures for a little peek into my life 🙂

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