CELLFOOD Supplement

Have you ever had an “aha” moment where you’re struggling with an issue and things converge to just drop a solution in your lap? I’ve had countless moments like this along my cancer journey. Some would chalk that up to coincidence or good fate. Me? I call those God moments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt helpless, anxious, worried, etc. and asked God for direction. He has always been faithful to provide. One such provision has been dropped in my proverbial lap multiple times. I wish I could tell you that once I find something helpful it stays in my routine but life gets hectic, I still have some chemo brain, I’ve had a poor memory since being on anti-epileptic meds in my youth (another story for another time) and it’s not uncommon for me to run out of a supplement, forget to re-order, and then COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT IT. One that I’ve forgotten about twice now and almost didn’t re-order this week as I’m almost out is called CELLFOOD drops. It’s this small bottle that I keep next to my Berky water filter (more on that AMAZING filtration system in an upcoming post) that I habitually squirt a bit into my water bottle every time I refill it.

Before I go any further, I must input the obligatory disclaimer that I am not selling any product and am not encouraging anyone to go out and buy this product. I am sharing a piece of my personal story and research that I’ve found on this product. I would encourage my readers to do your OWN research and consult with your trusted medical professional before adding any products or supplements to your routine.

If memory serves me correctly, my Naturopath offhandedly recommended these drop during a discussion about how we can help my body detox after chemotherapy. Some time later, I had another come to Jesus moment asking for direction when I saw another stage IV warrior that I had been following on Instagram post his daily supplements and saw none other than the CELLFOOD drops. I’d encourage you to check out Scott’s story on his Instagram here! Anyhow, my memory reminded me of my ND’s suggestion so I looked them up on Amazon and found them. Only $20something for a bottle? Done! It was ordered and delivered in 2 days. I would squirt a bit into my massive 40oz water bottle every time I filled it up. I admit that I only conducted a brief search for information on the benefits of the product but I used it daily until I ran out of it. After a few weeks something jolted my memory and I re-ordered it, simply intuitively feeling as though it was a necessary part of my healing regimen.

Fast forward to this past week. I was down to my last bit of my current bottle and knew I needed to re-order soon. I decided to do a quick search of the product and see what scientific information came up. One of the first websites to pop up in my search was Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I clicked on their link to see the first line of their page devoted to CELLFOOD stated in bold “Cellfood has not been shown to treat or cure cancer.” However, just a few lines down it states, “Lab studies show that Cellfood has antioxidant effects, and causes some cancer cells to die. But these effects have not been shown in humans.” Lower on the page it summarizes a number of studies findings regarding the product and provides links to the studies. SO do what you wish with that information.

The study I found most interesting while doing a web search was one completed by the University of Pretoria, South Africa. That one was an 18 week research project that was established to determine the effects of CELLFOOD on professional and amateur athletes as a performance enhancing supplement. 45 athletes were included in a Placebo controlled, double-blind study. This means there was a group who received the CELLFOOD drops and a group who received a placebo. Double-blind means neither the subjects nor the researchers knew which group received the placebo and which group received the CELLFOOD. This ensures the results of the study won’t be somehow affected by one’s knowledge or bias. The study revealed for the CELLFOOD group a 11% reduction in pulse rate, 10% increase in red blood cell count, 11% increase in white blood cell count (disease fighting cells), 15% increase in platelets, and an 18% increase in hemoglobin. You can see the results of the study for yourself here. Of course, all of those values can also become too high, which can cause health issues as well. Typically speaking, people’s with cancer and certainly undergoing treatment so have low blood levels. It would be very interesting to see a study done on cancer patients and measure whether the CELLFOOD affects their complete blood counts.

I can’t definitively or scientifically say these drops have helped my body heal because I do SO MUCH but I will say I notice I have better energy and do literally feel better when I’ve been consistently using the drops as opposed to when I forget to use them. Could it be a placebo effect? I suppose. However, if I’ve learned anything on this journey, it’s to trust both my body and my intuition. I believe God gave our bodies the ability to guide us and tell us what it needs and when something is wrong. Isn’t that what cancer is in a nutshell…a massive red flag that the body’s systems are haywire on the genetic, metabolic, and mitochondria levels?

If you are interested in this product, I always encourage purchasing locally but unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find it anywhere locally. I really should go into my favorite local health food store and talk them into stocking this product. Until then, I purchase from amazon. My price comparisons have found that purchasing the two pack is the best value of all the options (single, 3 pack, etc) but this link will allow you to choose what pack you’d like. The link is an amazon affiliate link, meaning if you click on it and purchase that product, Amazon pays me a small “advertising fee” without affecting your cost of the product.

I hope this information has been helpful to you!


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