BIG Changes!

Oh goodness friends, I’ve gone another long stretch between posts. I assure you that for me, no news is good news. I have been busy homeschooling my three children and enjoying life. I don’t take lightly the fact that by all expert accounts, I should be long dead. Thank goodness God blessed me with a stubborn streak, an inquisitive mind, and a desire to research and challenge the status quo. Since my last post, I have discontinued the oral targeted (Her2) medication (Tukysa) and more recently stopped my Herceptin (another Her2 targeted therapy) infusions. Before stopping the Herceptin, I started taking Ivermectin as it seems to be a potential anti-cancer drug and also seems to have protective properties against a virus which shall not be named. Of course, none of what I type here is medical advice…EVER. I’ll share a few links and I would suggest you do your own research on the subject and talk to your medical professionals, preferably with medical journal articles in hand.

Science Direct Journal Article

Article from Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

European Pharmaceutical Review

International Journal of Molecular and Immuno Oncology

I also have continued to take copious amounts of supplements and a few other repurposed medications to target my cancer on a metabolic level. I’ll make sure my next post is a current list of all my supplements. I will mention that I’ve added Dan Shen (Red Sage) and Olive leaf extract to my arsenal. Simply search either of those along with the word cancer and check out the medical literature on those. I will have CT scans and another blood biopsy soon to check my status so will you join me in praying for clear results once again?

Another reason I’ve been MIA is because we are taking a different journey of faith as a family. Today we will sign papers to close the sale of our home and are moving into a 5th wheel on a friend’s property while we look for what God has in store for us (maybe a new build on land). Of all our moves (thanks to the Navy), this is definitely the most bittersweet. This is the first house we purchased and we’ve made substantial improvements to the house and property but we are so excited for our buyers. Let me tell you a story about how God provided this house (and the one next door) “for such a time as this” for our family and now how we are passing the baton for both houses to another family.

I have to take you ALL THE WAY BACK to my first diagnosis. We were living in Hawaii and before my diagnosis, OUR plan was for my husband to leave the Navy and we were going to move to PA. He would get a great paying nuclear/energy job and we’d live happily ever after. Less than a year before he was set to leave the navy, I received my first breast cancer diagnosis and we quickly turned to God for guidance not just for treatment but for our family and our future. God had been tugging at my heart strings to move back here to WA for a few months prior and made it very clear he wanted Josiah to remain in the Navy reserves and for us to move back to Washington.

We obeyed. Josiah stayed in the reserves to ensure seamless health insurance for me and we had our vehicles and all our household goods shipped to WA. I searched diligently for a house to rent in budget that didn’t require a 12 month lease (who was I kidding, just finding one in budget was impossible). Josiah was sending out resumes right and left and did get an interview lined up for UW during our transition between HI and WA. During that transition, we took a few weeks to visit family in CA, OH, MI, and PA…namely our grandparents…as we knew their time on this earth was likely not long and our children only had the pleasure of meeting them a handful of times. As it turns out, that would be the last time we would see my maternal grandmother or my husband’s maternal grandfather this side of heaven. Josiah found out he didn’t get the UW job and a few days later, while in PA, our son jumped off a rocking chair and broke his arm nearly 90*. The day of his arm break, God showed up big time. I’d been calling our insurance daily to check our status and see if we were in the system and had coverage so I could line up treatment in WA. Just the evening prior to the arm break, we didn’t have coverage. Literally on the way to the hospital, I called again and WE HAD COVERAGE. God is not slow in keeping his promises my friends. He promises to provide for every need and provide he did. I SOBBED tears of relief. We spent the day in the hospital and they put our son under to set his arm. When we got back to my in-law’s that evening, I discovered that the last duplex I’d inquired about renting was available for us. I wrote about this shortly after it all happened in more detail here.

We secured a place to live and had the proof of insurance the day we needed it. Shortly after we arrived in WA, my husband received a job offer at the shipyard (ironically the ONE place he said he’d NEVER work). He happened to be overqualified for that job and a short time later, moved up to a job better suited to his abilities. I’ll post soon about the financial provision there with my treatments and such because God taught us a lot there too. However this story focuses on our home. Back to the duplex. Not only was the duplex perfect for us, our Landlords ended up being our neighbors and became precious friends. God put us in each other’s lives and the perfect time. Our kids brought joy to them during a particularly hard season in their life and they’ve become honorary “Aunt” and “Uncle” to our kiddos.

Not only that but that duplex is the reason we are in this house. Call me biased but I had no desire to buy a manufactured home simply because the interest rates are always a little higher on them. I literally excluded them from my home searches. HOWEVER, when I saw home available literally down the street from our duplex, I didn’t care that this one was a manufactured home and didn’t have 2 car garage. We viewed it, fell in love, and put an offer on it that evening. I’d written a letter to the seller and attached it to our offer. We weren’t the highest or best offer but the sellers chose us because of that letter.

Shortly after we moved in, I found out the lump I’d been feeling was in fact a cancer recurrence and soon after we discovered I have metastasis in my liver. This is around the same time I discovered the metabolic approach to cancer and had so much hope despite a terminal diagnosis once again. My mom flew up to help us after my liver biopsy and was here when we got the news. While she was here, we noticed the very dilapidated house next door that had seemed empty had a contractor there and we received a knock at the door. The owner came to thank our previous homeowner for calling 911 when his mom had fallen and to inform them (now us) that he had a contractor working on the house to list because he lived in CA and his parents had to be moved to skilled care. Long story short, my mom and dad were able to buy the house next door in a private sale. They worked their butts off to clean and fix it up every time they came to help us when I was in treatment. That house was SUCH a blessing to us. Everyone who came to help was able to stay there because we definitely didn’t have the room in our home.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year. My parents (who live in CA), felt called to move to TX. God provided the perfect house for them and they put the house next door on the market. It sold immediately with multiple offers and the lady who bought the house has become a friend. She is a recent widow with a very tight-knit family. Josiah and I have been talking about selling our home and God nudged us to let her know and offer her family the chance to make an offer before we listed. Today, we will sign papers to sell our home to one of her grandsons and his wife. They are newlyweds and just starting their family. I couldn’t be more excited to know that God provided these two houses for our family when we needed them and I know he’s doing the same for our neighbor and her family. As it would turn out, our neighbor on the OTHER side of us (there are 3 houses on our driveway) is also selling their house. They offered the same first offer to our neighbor and ANOTHER of her family members may be purchasing! God had this all orchestrated YEARS ago and it’s amazing to be able to step back and see his handiwork and provision. He has been faithful in EVERY area of our lives.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:19

So where does that leave us? The leaves us with 30 days to finish packing, moving most of our items into a storage unit, find a trailer, and move onto a friend’s property. I was actually looking at jobs and homes in other states because of the insanity going on here in WA but as I prayed, God put on my heart to stay here and brought some friends to mind. As it would turn out, the friends he brought to mind are the ones who later offered their land for us to live on! I have already packed 90% of the books and decor, everything in the kitchen we don’t need, sold the couch and ride on mower. My house is packing disaster and I’m still homeschooling our kids. I would SO appreciate prayers for provision of the right trailer and that I won’t allow myself to be anxious about the move. We are also looking for property to build on so my husband can also build a shop and start a mushroom farming business. We know that if that truly is God’s plan for us, he will provide. He faithfully has in the past and will continue to do so.

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these…”

Matthew 6:25-34

2 thoughts on “BIG Changes!

  1. Hi Cheryse. Thank you for your blog. I am so grateful that I got to meet you a few times at Lifespring Cancer center. After reading your blog and “How to starve cancer,” I very much feel like this is something I want to do. Do you recommend trying to figure things out on your own? (This seems pretty overwhelming), or working directly with the CARE clinic? It seems Dr Chue is pretty open to the metabolic approach…
    Bless you and the best of luck on your new adventures.


    1. Hi there! I would recommend Jane McLellands online How to starve cancer course to start! I’d be happy to chat with you too. Dr Ho knows a bit about the metabolic approach but my other ND, Jen Joy in Gig Harbor has done more research and seems to have Moreno experience with the metabolic approach (she can do video consults). I’d ask Dr Chue and local docs to write any off label prescriptions you’d want.


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