Still NED

I have already shared this information on my Facebook and Instagram accounts but wanted to share here too for anyone following my journey or who may discover it in the future. I had a CT scans two weeks ago to check and see if there is any detectable cancer. I’m thrilled to report that these scans were CLEAR!!! I’ve enjoyed no evidence of disease (NED) since last April. What’s more amazing is that I have been off all conventional cancer meds for a number of months. According to traditional oncology, stage IV is “incurable” and at best, we are told we’ll spend the rest of our lives jumping from treatment to treatment. I’m living proof that this is not true. However, it has taken a lot of work from me to figure out how to improve my immune system and target my cancer’s metabolism. Had I simply followed conventional oncology, I have no doubt I’d not be alive or have suffered miserably with treatments these past few years. I would encourage ANYONE dealing with cancer or wanting to prevent cancer, to start researching the metabolic approach to cancer. I’ve posted multiple times about my friend Jane’s book How to Starve Cancer. I’ll admit the original version can be difficult for people who are not scientifically minded to grasp fully (myself included) but she’s releasing a revised edition that has far more information and I trust it will be easier to comprehend. You can pre-order it here now as it will be available August 1st. I also highly recommend her online course as well.

There are other books by other authors as well but I personally used Jane’s book, group, and online course as well as another FB group to be the foundation for my research and point me in the right direction. I admit that this research can be exhausting and I dream of the day when it moves beyond research and becomes standard of care. However, I fear that day will not come for a long time because this method generates little to no revenue for the cancer industry. Most of the methods employed utilize nutrition, supplements, and out of patent cheap, repurposed medications to support the body’s ability to heal. I’ve been able to stop taking the oral meds that cause $18,000 a month and the infusions that cost $4000 every 3 weeks. Stop and think about the repercussions for the cancer industry if the ability to heal cost virtually nothing. There is no financial incentive to properly scientifically research supplements and out of patent medications so the research that is being done is slow to receive funding.

I am working on a few posts about some of my personal nutrition and supplements that I plan to post in the next few days so stay tuned! And as always, be well, be your own advocate, do your own research! Nothing here is medical advice, simply my life story that I’m sharing with others. Some links may be affiliate links so if you click and do purchase, I may receive a small advertising fee. It doesn’t change your cost, it just shares a bit of the profit with me.

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