My FAVORITE Cancer Resource!

Hey all! I am so grateful that sharing my journey has been an encouragement and a help to others. I receive messages weekly from people asking for help/advice. I wanted to let everyone know that while I’ve shared a lot of resources in the past, one of my go-to resources now is Jane McLelland’s How to Starve Cancer online course. Jane did just revise her book to include the information on the online course so if you’re more of a reader, you can now order the revised version here. I personally have it on order right now and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

In the online course, Jane takes you through her story, the basics and the hallmarks of cancer, how to normalize cell signaling, how to block various pathways (starve the cancer), how to block growth factors, the importance of the immune system in cancer and how to improve it’s function, how to utilize a “kill phase,” the importance of diet and exercise. Right now you can preview a number of the testamonials and some of the content before purchasing. Just click on the link above (online course) and once her page opens, click “get started” and when the new page opens, scroll down to see the course modules and click “preview” on the ones you can!

The course is currently $97 and personally, I feel it is worth every last penny (or whatever your applicable currency is). I am a visual learner so simply reading the information in Jane’s book (and other books/resources) was not a great way for me to fully grasp the information I was reading. In Jane’s online course, she gives you visual aids and obviously auditory information. Not only that, she includes note pages you can print out to take notes as you watch. Personally, I am a note taker; I retain more info when I write down what I’m learning. I feel this course is beneficial to people of all learning types. The other beauty of the course is that as more information comes available, Jane updates the course!

I also highly recommend the book and course to anyone who wants to proactively prevent a cancer diagnosis or a recurrence. Many of you may have a strong family history or perhaps you know you’ve had environmental exposures that increase your risk. You don’t have to live in fear that you are a ticking time-bomb. The information you will learn will give you knowledge and tools to make any necessary changes to reduce your risks of diagnosis or recurrance.

Knowledge is Power. These are amazing resources that I used to heal my body and I want to make sure that information is readily available to everyone else!

A disclaimer for full disclosure, links in this blog may be affiliate links. This means if you click on them and purchase the product I’ve “advertised,” I will receive a small “advertising fee.” This does not change or increase the price you pay for the product at all.

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